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What's a Snafu?
The saying was originated by a couple of Army Signal Men. It became the enlisted men's recognized state of the military at the time, "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up!"

Snafu is now used to indicate any foul up.

The true story of the origin of the word SNAFU

In 1941, Don Taylor and his buddy Johnny Paup of the Army Signal Corps were making words out of five-letter code groups. SNAFU was one of those groups. The rest is history... (click here)


A pilgrim woman stopped her husband one day and said, "The Indians have been so good to us since we arrived at Plymouth Rock, I think it would be nice to invite them over for a big dinner to thank them for all their help. Why don't you go hunting and catch a nice big pheasant so we can have a celebration.

The husband, having just gotten off the boat, wasn't much of a hunter, but he did his best and set a snare along a small path in the woods where pheasants were known to pass. He then crouched behind a bush and waited. A short while later a pheasant came down the path and noticed the circle of string. "Gee," it said, "That looks like a trap. Someone could get hurt in one of those." and the pheasant gingerly stepped around the trap. Soon another pheasant came down the path and saw the snare. "Gosh!" it said. "A bird could get caught in one of those. They shouldn't be left lying around." and the pheasant carefully stepped around the trap and went on it's way.

A little while later, a turkey came down the path. Upon seeing the snare it said. "Wow! A trap! I wonder if it works..."


Original humor by
Gerry Reagan

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